Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yinka Shonibare

Bomb Magazine Interview with Yinka Shonibare

One of my favorite quotes of his in the interview:

YS "To be an artist, you have to be a good liar. There’s no question about that. If you’re not, you can’t be a good artist. Basically, you have to know how to fabricate, how to weave tales, how to tell lies, because you’re taking your audience to a nonexistent space and telling them that it does exist. But you have to be utopian in your approach. You have to create visions that don’t actually exist yet in the world—or that may actually someday exist as a result of life following art."

Such a great way of looking at it. Shonibare is very good at reflecting his art. He's also really good at art and displaying it...

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