Thursday, November 4, 2010

Laura Sanders

I actually tried to get an internship with Sanders last year since she lives here in Columbus, didn't get it.

But her paintings are very interesting. What I find intriguing is the subject's expressions should usually be a little bit more chipper. It's kind of funny to see these girls on pool toys just spaced out, or struggling to keep their head above the water. That can be reflected with life, struggling or spaced out. Very psychological. She discusses the heads above the water paintings in this interview:

NA: Tell us about your “Heads Above Water” series.

LS: I have been obsessed with painting the head just above the water for some time now. While my most recent paintings have more to do with artificiality than the previous Heads Above Water Series, I am still making my figures neck high in the water. There is probably some unconscious reason for this preference but on a more left brain conscious level, it is the specificity of the face against the anonymous elemental forces that intrigue me. When I first began the series I was also thinking about ways to objectify the figure and relate to it more as an animal, to see it as if it had a natural habitat.

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