Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sven Kroner

For the exhibition Hidden Path, Kroner has painted landscapes familiar to him since childhood, yet these do not refer to a specific moment or experience. Some landscapes are empty, some have signs of human life. As Merel von Tilburg (Université de Genève) has written, “the landscapes belong to our own age, an age in which nature is no longer automatically invested with romantic associations; humans have charted it and taken possession of it. Even if the landscape contains no human figures, the artist suggests the presence of human life with footprints or objects…. People inhabit the landscape or enjoy their natural surroundings: they walk or camp in it, or simply linger there”.

I always find it interesting when you can see the presence of humans without them being there in the painting. Andrew Wyeth, one of my favorite artists did that a lot. 

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