Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Andres Serrano- The Morgue

February 2, 1993
Anna Blume How did you get access to the morgue, to dead bodies?
Andres Serrano A great deal of luck was involved. I had the idea to photograph John and Jane Does many years ago. I found it wasn’t that easy, and then last year, I developed the contacts. I’m a great believer in Providence, and maybe there was a reason I was able to do the work now and not then.

AB You covered the eyes of some of the people to preserve anonymity, but the show seems to focus on eyes or orifices or wounds. If you look at each image, your hand is not present in terms of you touching things, but it is very much present in what you chose to photograph.
AS And as a result, I choose to let the audience see what I want to. This is what an artist does.

Very psychological. Andres Serrano's work is always reflecting what he's thinking about. Religion, Death, Sin...etc. 
Normal human thoughts. 

He's really good at making vulgar things beautiful, in some way or another. 

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