Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kiki Smith

Art 21 Interview with Kiki Smith

"One's self is always shifting in relationship to beauty and you always have to be able to incorporate yourself or your new self into life. Like your skin starts hanging off your arms and stuff, and then you have to think, well that’s really beautiful too. It just isn’t beautiful in a way that I knew it was beautiful before. "

I enjoyed her Art 21 video awhile back. She's a very interesting person in general, discussing her childhood with her sisters and all, I recommend watching it. It's obviously a big part of her life, her family. She discusses them in the interview a lot. 

I find her sculptures very captivating. 

"It’s this thing that you put out in the world that’s the most exposing thing that you can show about yourself. It’s the most exposed you can be, but it’s mediated. It’s like a doll that is a space between you and the world. " - Kiki Smith

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