Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jenny Saville

Now that I'm on the topic of figure painters, I have to talk about Jenny Saville, one of my favorite artists. I haven't researched her until recently though...

I connect with her very strongly, being a painter but also, being female. She is very much so about how women see themselves when they look in the mirror, and she nailed it. The website's interview had a great quote about this,

"When I did the head [see "Interfacing"], I had a wart on my face too, like her. Everybody used to look at it. It became quite an obsession, so the whole painting grew out of this idea: that all everybody ever sees of you is this wart. So there's no background. The whole thing's flesh."

I like this photo from the site, it's a great picture for scale. 

That's Saville in the picture.

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