Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Radiohead - Karma Police

I'm just going to trust Wikipedia as I discuss my favorite music video and just song in general.

I think a music artist should count as an artist that inspires myself as a visual artist. Particularly since a music video has strong visuals. My artwork is very dark and sometimes depressing, no wonder I love Radiohead so much.

Wikipedia explains,
"Yorke explained that the song was about stress and "having people looking at you in that certain [malicious] way, I can't handle it anymore".[9] Thom Yorke explained the idea of the lyrics to The Independent in 2006, saying, "It's for someone who has to work for a large company. This is a song against bosses. Fuck the middle management!"[5] Yorke and Jonny Greenwood emphasised in interviews that the song had a humorous bent; Yorke said, "[It's] not entirely serious, I hope people will realize that."[9] The song includes the line "He buzzes like a fridge/He's like a detuned radio", a reference to the distracting, metaphorical background noise Yorke calls "fridge buzz". Yorke has said that the idea of fridge buzz is one of the primary themes of OK Computer;[10] "Karma Police" also shares themes of insanity and dissatisfaction with capitalism.[11]"

This idea of constant fridge buzz, distracting and creeping/sustaining in the background, causing buildup in your mind's attention is very intriguing to me. There's a certain coldness in the attitude of the song and film. It's lonely. Why would such a lonely and brutal song be so successful? Because people relate? And it just sounds wonderful. In the above paragraph Yorke says that the song is "for someone who has to work for a large company." He's talking to people, and many can relate. 

I really should keep that in mind.

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