Friday, October 15, 2010

Jason Shwan Alexander

 I don't recall feeling as similar to another artist. His art is dark and expressive with abstract qualities. It focuses on his honest feelings and he expresses what he finds truly intriguing and beautiful. 

He has a new series coming out that I read about on called Mouners.

One question that I connected with in particular in the article was this:
Q: Does Jason have a dark side? 
You more than likely see it in the paintings. That's really what they are. I'm a happy man, for the most part, and that's primarily because I try my damndest to put everything else in my work. Work is therapy for me. I can't explain how that is, but I'm changed every time I finish a piece or have a full day of painting.

I often am asked how I have such dark themes in my artwork and I have yet to figure out why. Recently in a critique we concluded that since I've had such a happy childhood perhaps I just need a little darkness in my life. Sounds like escapism. 

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